Japtec do industrial in different fileds

Who Thinking about JAPTEC ? A Iranian Man who live in (ZANDI)  Japan thinking about JAPTEC Name in 1990 ,when Internet line was very slow .He check and check about JAPTEC name and research for 60 days ,but no same name anywhere .

Why and What’s JAPTEC ? Zandi  Love JAPAN and JAPAN TECHNOLOGY,As he was an engineer and his dream was his own company and a brand with Japanese technology he used 3 words of Japan and 3 letter of technology . As know in these days every body that branding name it’s too important things .

After few years a lot of company start to use JAPTEC or JAPTECH name in their company .

Zandi Also Naming about Original 3 wheel trike our brand as 1it or Oneit , Little Force , Big Force and his another company as YUGEN SAMURAI with his original logo .A lot of person laughing at him but after few years a lot of people use his idea .

We are JAPANESE Company whom establishes 11 years ago in Center of Japan Nagoya City.

With relentless efforts and passion during 15 years JAPTEC has showed its rapid growth which still continues.

Firstly our Main Job was design of PCB Art work and we had Engineers of Software, Hardware, industrial Design, SMT, VC, and DIP.


After Few Years our client ask us to make them mass production, as:

-Engine Starter

– Radar Detector

– Navigation

– Special FPCB for medical equipment.

In the field of industrial automation control:

PCM : Phase change materials using air-conditioning controller .

PID : Temperature Controller.

Ultrasonic  Measuring  device.

One STOP-Total Solution including:

Circuit design

Instrumental design

Prototype production

Examination and inspection

During these years we try to use out sourcing and just use our all experiences to R&D and QC or Design.

There was a lot of Job to Teaching and QC Control, planning and make productions line speedier.