SaddleBaby Products

SaddleBaby is designed to safely and more comfortably carry 2-5-year-old kids on your shoulders. It provides ankle cuffs to secure you child’s legs and an ergonomic foam saddle that supports your child’s balance, reduces stress on their knees and greatly enhances the comfort level for you and your child. As an added bonus, your hands are now free to do anything else you need to.

SaddleBaby is designed for loving parents that want to get the most of their priceless time with their children. Our products are here to greatly enhance the time you have with them at the zoo, the theme park, the nature trail, the urban jungle, basically, places where a stroller may be hard to navigate.

Since you can move easier through a crowded place, cover more distances, and reduce the exhaustion on your kids, you get to see more, experience more, and bring more smiles to the entire family as you build these precious memories that will last a lifetime.

And more importantly; Kids love it!

Original Model

The Original model consists of an adjustable belt worn high on your chest with ankle cuffs to secure your child’s leg. The ergonomic foam saddle attaches to the belt to provide comfort to you and your child. The Original model does not provide any storage capacity.

Pack Model

The *pack model is a specially designed backpack with removable ankle cuffs to secure your child’s leg. The ergonomic foam saddle attaches to the shoulder straps to provide comfort to you and your child. All carrier components (ankle cuffs and saddle) can be removed to use the backpack normally when not setup as a child carrier.

Uni Model

The Uni* (Universal) model is a unique accessory that can be easily attached to most backpacks to convert them into a carrier similar to the *pack model. The Uni* consists of 2 ankle cuffs with a simple Velcro® clamping mechanism and a saddle that attaches to the ankle cuffs providing comfort to you and your child.



All of our SaddleBaby models come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

This warranty does not cover user damage, neglect or misuse. In the event of a defective product, please contact us at to organize and have the defective product sent back to us, and upon receipt of the defective product, we will repair or replace the product, when necessary. The 1-year warranty is only valid for products purchased from our authorized retailers in the USA, and in our online store. The warranty does not cover products purchased from online sites such as eBay, AliExpress, etc. as most of these products are fake illegal counterfeits and not manufactured by SaddleBaby.