More About JAPTEC

Our main Job:

1.Design (Japan).

2.Modeling (Japan).

3.Reverse Engineering (Japan).

4.Art Work (Japan).

5.PCB , prototype & Mass production .

6.SMT , Test , Assembly , Packing.

7.QC, Production Problem consulting with Japanese Standard.

8.R&D on a lot of fields in Japan and production overseas.

9.Arrange Business Matching between companies , overseas and local (Japan).

Design and manufacture of machine control equipment

Design and manufacture of the information processing apparatus

Design and manufacture of production systems

Design and manufacture of instrumentation and control equipment

Design and manufacture of robot machine control equipment

Design and manufacture of image processing system

Design and manufacture of labor saving and unmanned equipment

All business incidental to the above items


The JAPTEC, much difficult is just good!

– NS tea, we also specialize customize, such as not to respond is a leading manufacturer. In order to account for 70% of the employees are engineers, from the planning proposed in the house until the development, design, prototyping and mass production and maintenance, you can offer a consistent solution.
In addition, we are confident that NS tea has excelled in measurement, inspection, and measurement and control technologies. High-precision, high speed and high stability as well, in addition to low-cost and compact, also has received high praise from our customers in the sophisticated permeability.


  1. Measurement technology

Size, sound, vibration, torque, electrical and electronic, it is possible to meet the needs of light, such as all inspection and measurement.
We will respond to your needs with a high degree of accuracy and low cost.

  • Analog measurement, digital measurement, laser measurement
  • Coordinate measuring
  • Optical measurement (color · · spectral density)
  1. Motion control technology

High-precision interpolation control from simple pulse command control, the system can be built using a variety of actuator to simultaneous multi-axis control.

  • At the same time multi-axis system of imperial
  • Fast-axis control
  • Precision up between imperial system
Classification Main product
Car electrical equipment Various ECU
air-conditioning control system
corner sensor unit
Automotive Switches and Sensors
automotive and marine wire harness
Home electronics Washing machine electronic control board
dishwasher for the electronic control board
electronic control board for the clothes dryer
Information and communication equipment Surveillance camera board
mini projector for board
communication unit
Controlled equipment Industrial robot controller for various control board
chip mounter for various control board

Car electrical equipment

Protect keep a comfortable and safe drive
to deliver the “car of nerve”.

The pursuit of high quality and low cost, is the core business of JAPTEC.

With whistle blowing I want to become like the, pleasant drive. Of that is supporting the comfort and safety, it is JAPTEC of technology.


The “car of the nerve” to become the pillars of the wire harness, control, such as air-conditioning system,

Corner sensor, various control units, offers a car audio, such as a wide range of automotive electrical components.
Especially in the field of wire harness, based on more than 15 years of experience, for the two-wheel from the boat, for a four-wheel, to race specifications, to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

In the two-wheel wire harness will have a share of the top class in Japan.
The introduction of new production management system according to the computer, such as by quality control with the latest image inspection system, further high-quality and cost down,

We are working to improve customer satisfaction.
In addition, in the field, such as air conditioning panel and various sensors, by a consistent production system to production from parts procurement, corresponding to a wide range of customer needs to mass production from the small lot.

At the same time we are focusing on proposals of its own product development. For example, such as electric cars and electric wheelchair controller towards people with disabilities in the elderly and the body,

JAPTEC unique technology has been commercialized in the field of welfare equipment.

Is also not lost to water, not lose to vibration, the consumer electronics products that continue to work,
technology of JAPTEC have support.

Water-resistant, moisture-resistant, it offers a unique manufacturing technology with excellent resistance to vibration.

Laundry and dishwashing, from housework burden, such as drying clothes, would have been released at the touch of a switch. Also are you help the high technology in this life, is JAPTEC.

In order to take advantage of the delicate electronics in the consumer electronics products that are used over a daily basis long-term, moisture, vibration, excellent durability to direct sunlight is required.

JAPTEC is, corresponding to the needs to consolidate its own high weather resistance product manufacturing technology. For example, potting technology for coating a substrate of a control unit with a urethane-based resin, an advanced water-resistant, moisture resistance, to achieve the vibration resistance, we have received high reputation in the field of fully automatic washing machines and dishwashers. Also, more precise electronic circuit unit, utilizing the automotive electrical equipment to withstand severe conditions technique.

JAPTEC, while taking advantage of the technology assets that has been trained in a wide range of areas, continued further refine the manufacturing technology of home electronics, we will increasingly improve the reliability of the product.

Smaller, lighter, and high performance evolution,
in a mobile phone
JAPTEC There are.

Proprietary technology force, has accelerated the reduction in size and weight and high performance of the mobile phone.

Anytime, anywhere, with anyone you can talk. Mobile phone has become indispensable as a tool of communication. It is JAPTEC also Underpinning its evolution.

Relations JAPTEC and the mobile phone is divided into two stages. In the first of the circuit board production, taking advantage of the high-density circuit packaging technology, realize the chip implementation of the industry’s smallest class of 0.6mm × 0.3mm. In addition also produce a high-density multi-layer printed circuit board making full use of state-of-the-art ultra-high-speed SMT machine, we are contributing to the reduction in size and weight and high performance. Then, in the assembly of the stage, fully demonstrate their own ultra-fine processing technology. Provided in the color liquid crystal assembly dedicated line in a clean room, fine dust also thoroughly eliminated, and has realized the high-definition of the mobile phone. In addition, in the mounting process of the camera unit to a mobile phone, by the adoption of a flexible cell production system, we have to respond appropriately to the shortening of the product cycle due to the high-performance, multi-functionality.

Respond supple to changes in the production plan,
and provides a “factory of the brain”.

Changing to meet the needs, offering high value-added solutions.

Correspondence to and from production planning to diversify, automation and high performance, such as intelligence, always plant and production facilities that change is required. It is JAPTEC also are providing the “brains”.

For example, the brain part of the latest of the FA / production system equipment and industrial robots to meet the wide variety of small-lot production has been adopted by the controller of JAPTEC. In addition, also provides FA control equipment that also allows for production and of the corner chip implementation of the variant product. While supporting the changes in the line, it is to both achieve a reduction of the improvement and the total cost of quality, is a feature of the control technology of JAPTEC.

Productivity improvement, switching to small-lot production, such as the reduction of lead time, now is born a variety of challenges to the factory, JAPTEC has to deliver the solutions of high value-added tailored to customers.


Welcome to Japtec Work for ever.