Medical R&D


As in any of pages we explained about ourselves ,some item we can innovation in-house of JAPTEC and some Joint with Medical University in JAPAN .A new idea from any person it’s great to us and wonderful for feature of Human.

As you know in current world it’s not enough old Medical Engineering,Now all Software,Hardware,Medical,Mechanical,Ergonomic Engineers,Nurses,Doctors,Patients,Electronics engineers and  etc… should come together and make it possibility .

Do you like the sound of MRI when you are inside for 25 Min ? of course NO , please join us and lets try to make it everything possible in near feature .

JAPTEC engineers will do their  best with all around Engineers .

Japtec-Medical R&D


Japtec-support your medical instrument

Come with us and check all Medical areas problems and try to find the best way to solve it .