JAPANESE Business Manner School For Iran

Hi ! Everybody .

This program is a very nice for all people around the word.I don’t want to say Japanese Business Manner is Number one in the world , but I want to explain it .That is a one the best business method for all country .

Why Japanese Manner ?

Because Japan is an Island  , should work hard one quality , speedy production with no any mistake and best after service .

Check somethings below if some things was different .

1-If Japanese goods quality  bad , they don’t have make a repeat from same customer .( Inside or out side of Japan) .

2-If they speed dose-not enough they can not support on time their customers and they lose their customer inside or out side .

3-If they don’t think about they words during support their customer make them angry and lose again their customers .

So please come and thinking about these problems ,and Island without customers and non Oil or Gas .

They should make free energy things , they should use natural science to make an energy for everything’s .

As here an Island they can not escape and do any things without responsibility .

As I am living here about 27 years old .I can Say that you can trust 90% of Japanese in anyway .

They update their Family culture , Business Culture and manners every second as they should .That Makes them MADE IN JAPAN around the world .

Not only their products but also the manner of each of them .

As I think Iranian culture is too Old and very deep , we can find a several idiom,words that same as Japanese or Persian.

But after a lot of problem some of these manners in Iran is better to update again .

After several mounts we find and the First time to establish JAPANESE BUSINESS MANNER Course in Iran .

It makes :

1-Traffic Jam better .

2-Use Better subway .

3-Make a gain all Iranian person together .

4-Make a new and better Team work .

5-Make more customers in your Shop , dealers ,Company or Factory .

6-The best training with Audio, Video and Text .( We Develop the new way to teach ).

7-Work place , every where be clean , relax , more quality and speedy work with new sprite.

8-After Pass a Test you can be come a Teacher too .

9-Your exam result will check with Japan Business Manner Association .

10-You will get a license in any degree as you pass from Japan , by sign from JAPANESE BUSINESS MANNER ASSOCIATION & JAPTEC Co.,LTD.

A lot of  Merit for all Managers , co-workers and Customers .

When you have this license in your hand , go for interview with a big self confidence ,we are sure that you pass it .

in These days , a lot of companies , Embassies and more governments , hotel and etc comes and invest to Iran .

They need this license and they want to be sure that their personnel have a International Business Manner .

If your company want to send some of their staff in Japan , it needs a lot of elements and high cost .

The Biggest Problem is language ( Japanese ).

But we will teach you all Japanese Manner in Iran -Tehran ,in Farsi ( Persian Language).

You don’t need Hotel , Airplane, Visa . No don’t anything .


Let’ s try to check below , details of course :


Just contact with us :  murai@japtec.co.jp



English  Version :

〇Principles in complaint reception (claims law, skills necessary for claims)

Business Manner

Through customer service training in the industry where customer service services such as airline, hotel, travel, bridal are required,
employee training of general corporations, business manners education for college student job hunting, etc.,
The main objective is to provide training education so that many people can acquire the skills that can provide the services that
customers will be pleased with properly.
Manner lecturer training course
Learning qualifications as manners lecturers and employee training lecturers, we offer lecturer training courses for manners to
become active as a wonderful woman.
Manner lecturer training course is divided into PART 1 business manners and PART 2 general manners.
In Manor lecturer training course PART 1, we will learn general manners necessary for business in the 2 days through discussion and practice.
In Manor lecturer training course PART 2, we will learn general manners of living such as ceremonial occasions and table manners
in two days through discussion and practice.
Tuition fee
PART1(Business Manners) 3,332,000 TOMAN (2days Total 10hours)
PART2(General Manners) 1,632,000 TOMAN (2days Total 6hours)
Professional manners lecturer training course
Learn talks, skills, presentation techniques, etc. for lecturers and practitioners to become a more engaging manner lecturer in two days
for persons who completed manners lecturer training lecture.
Tuition fee
4,012,000 TOMAN (2days Total 10hours)
Coach training course
We are offering courses so that you can take an active part including those who wish to be active as coaching instructors, as manners lecturers
and employee training lecturers, including management training.
Assertive Communicator Certified Course
>By respecting each other firmly communicating their opinions firmly can maintain a relationship that can be convinced with each other properly.
Facilitator certified course
It is important to maintain a neutral position, manage the process of the team, and see the psychology and circumstances of the team and
achieve results of the team.
Business etiquette training
〇 Understanding as a business person
〇 Basic rules of office
〇 Basic Appearance (First impression: greeting, expression, grooming, way of speaking)
〇 Basic honorifics · Business conversation
  (honorific · basic of conversation · business terms · NG Japanese)
〇 Basic manners and rules of telephone, fax, and e-mail
〇 Manners for customer service (visitor response / visit manners)
〇 Communication to promote work well
Telephone response training
〇 Telephone manner (first voice · hold · closing)
〇 Wordspinders (honorific expressions, favorable expressions, inappropriate expressions, wordings frequently used on the phone, positive
  speaking style)
〇 Speech expression (pronunciation · vocalization ·smooth manner of speaking  · point of speech expression of telephone)
〇 Listening skills (How to listen effectively)
〇 Skill to ask questions to grasp the situation (open questions and closed questions)
〇 Consciousness to customers (good call handling and poor telephone reception)
〇 Practical  Role playing and feedback
Reception manner basic training courses
〇 First impression (smile · appearance · greeting · posture · bowing)
〇 Manner of hospitality (smile · Behavior · Giving and receiving objects)
〇 How to communicate (sincerity · Wording · favorable expressions · sound expression · talking · listening)
〇 Representation method of customer satisfaction (satisfaction · anxiety · attention · consideration · magic phrase)
〇 Reception english conversation (polite expression · phrase often used)
〇 Consciousness to customers (good responses and bad responses)
Claim response training
〇 Four steps of complaint reception (the basic flow of complaint reception and the point of reception at each step)
〇 How to respond to customers by type (characteristics of customers by type, points by customer’s point of contact by type)
〇 Inappropriate words and appropriate words (expressions to be avoided and appropriate expressions in response to complaints)
〇 Customer consciousness (case example from claims case)
〇 Practice  Role playing and feedback · consideration · magic phrase
〇 Reception english conversation (polite expression · phrase often used)
〇 Consciousness to customers (good responses and bad responses)
Claim Telephone Response Training
〇 Mechanism of claim occurrence
〇 Understanding of complaint telephone reception
〇 Flow of complaint response
〇 Call opening ~ the first step to build trust with customers
〇 Listening closely ~ build trust with customers
〇 Ask a question ~ move closer to customer
〇 Presenting a solution ~ tell the customer specific solutions
〇 Closing ~ tell a positive attitude
〇 Case study ~ claim Flow of telephone reception (call flow)
〇 Role playing
Mail · Business document · Manner Training
〇 Basics of business e-mail (purpose・to note in making・How to send business e-mail・types of business documents・basic form of in-house
  document・basic form of external documents・how to write address of envelope, postcard・business document exercise)
〇 Business e-mail basics (how to send business e-mail・E-mail basic form・other basic knowledge・business e-mail exercise・document
   creation reference)
Talking way course of the correct honorific word・beautiful Japanese (3hours version)
〇 What is beautiful Japanese
〇 Honorific expressions (respectful language, humble language, polite language)
〇 Common honorific words
〇 Honorific words that are easy to make mistakes
〇 Wording to give a favorable impression
〇 Talking expression technique
〇 Expiration  speech representation
〇 Pronunciation training
〇 Smooth manner of speaking training
〇 Exercise
〇 Thorough role playing
Official certification
Official certification (Hospitality service manner)
It is an examination to judge the ability in the industry where high-quality customer service is required in various fields.
It is a major objective to train personnel who can make a good impression on customers in the world of business by various knowledge and skills
such as business manners and so on from the standpoint of behaviors and hospitality services.
Moreover, it is a test which we want to attention also for everyone who refrains from finding employment.
Benefits of taking an exam
By acquiring customer service manners certification, it has been proved that you acquire advanced customer service ability, and knowledge and
skills related to customer service can provide services that satisfy customers in various situations It will be like.
In addition, it will be possible to help employment in the industry requiring advanced service aptitude including the airline industry.
Class level and test format
Grade Test format Number of questions Test time Tuition fee
Grade 3 It is an exam asking basic service manners ability to the extent that you can learn in high school. It is a level suitable for society and high school students to test their own knowledge and skills, such as basic manners that you would like to learn at least to acquire the service of customer service. Written Test 50 60 min 170,000 TOMAN
Grade 2 It is the level where the basis of the hospitality service manners ability is required in the field requiring high-quality customer service including the airline industry, hotel industry,brand business and others. It is a level where it is asked whether or not the ability to be convinced basically is attached to various customers as well. Written Test 50 60 min 238,000
Semi-class 1 It is a level that you can fully deal with customers seeking a higher rank service and can act not only with knowledge but also on the ability of the customer service manners. For those who successfully passed the primary examination, you will be asked about the type of behavior actually interviewed during the secondary practical examination. Written Practical Test 65 80 min 306,000 TOMAN
Grade 1 It can be thought of from the standpoint of management as a professional hospitality service, and it is a level that you can satisfy our customers with knowledge and actions.The written exam is the same as the semi-class 1 but the passing line is different.For the person who passed the primary examination, in the second practical examination,what kind of action can be taken in response to complaint response etc is asked in role-playing form. Written Practical Test 65 80 min 408,000 TOMAN

Japanese Version :


PART1(ビジネスマナー) 98,000円 (2日間 計10時間)
PART2(一般マナー) 48,000円 (2日間 計6時間)
118,000円 (2日間 計10時間)
〇 ビジネスパーソンとしての心得
〇 オフィスの基本ルール
〇 基本の身だしなみ(第一印象:挨拶、表情、身だしなみ、話し方)
〇 基本の敬語・ビジネス会話(敬語・会話の基本・ビジネス用語・NG日本語)
〇 電話・FAX・Eメールの基本のマナーとルール
〇 接客のマナー(来客対応・訪問マナー)
〇 うまく仕事を進めるためのコミュニケーション
〇 電話マナー(第一声・保留・クロージング)
〇 言葉遣い(敬語・好感を持たれる表現・ふさわしくない表現・電話でよく使う言葉遣い・前向きな話し方)
〇 音声表現(発音・発声・滑舌・電話の音声表現のポイント)
〇 聴くスキル(効果的な聴き方)
〇 状況を把握するための質問するスキル(オープン質問とクローズ質問)
〇 お客様への意識(良い電話応対と悪い電話応対とは)
〇 実践 ロールプレイングとフィードバック
〇 第一印象(Smile・身だしなみ・挨拶・姿勢・お辞儀)
〇 接客のマナー(Smile・立ち振る舞い・物の授受)
〇 コミュニケーションの取り方(Sincerity・言葉遣い・好感を与える表現・音声表現・話し方・聴き方)
〇 CSの表現方法(Satisfaction・心遣い・目配り・配慮・マジックフレーズ)
〇 接遇英会話(丁寧な表現・良く使うフレーズ)
〇 お客様への意識(良い応対と悪い応対とは)
〇 クレーム応対における原則(クレームの法則、クレームに必要なスキル)
〇ク レーム応対の4つのステップ(クレーム応対の基本的な流れと各ステップでの応対のポイント)
〇 タイプ別お客様への応対方法(タイプ別お客様の特徴、タイプ別お客様への応対のポイント)
〇 ふさわしくない言葉と適切な言葉(クレーム応対で避けるべき表現と適切な表現)
〇 お客様への意識(クレーム事例からケーススタディ)
〇 実践 ロールプレイングとフィードバック・配慮・マジックフレーズ
〇 接遇英会話(丁寧な表現・良く使うフレーズ)
〇 お客様への意識(良い応対と悪い応対とは)
〇 クレーム発生のメカニズム
〇 クレーム電話応対の心得
〇 クレーム応対の流れ
〇 コールのオープニング~お客様と信頼を築く第一歩
〇 傾聴する~お客様と信頼を築く
>〇 質問する~お客様との距離を近づける~
〇 解決策の提示~お客様に具体的解決策を伝える
〇 クロージング~前向きな姿勢を伝える
〇 ケーススタディ~クレーム電話応対の流れ(コールフロー)
〇 ロールプレイング
〇 ビジネス文書の基本(目的・作成する上で注意すること・ビジネス文書の種類・社内文書の基本フォーム・社外文書の基本フォーム・封筒、
〇 ビジネスEメールの基本(ビジネスEメールを送るときのマナー・Eメールの基本フォーム・その他の基礎知識・ビジネスEメール演習・文書作成
〇 美しい日本語とは
〇 敬語表現(尊敬語・謙譲語・丁寧語)
〇 よく使う敬語
〇 間違えやすい敬語
〇 好感を与える言葉遣い
〇 話す表現術
〇 音声表現呼気
〇 発音トレーニング
〇 滑舌トレーニング
〇 エクササイズ
〇 徹底ロールプレイング
等級 詳細 試験方法 問題数 時間 受験料
3級 高校で学ぶ程度の基礎的なサービスマナー能力を問う試験です。 接客サービスの仕事に就くのに最低身につけておきたいマナーの基本など、社会人や高校生が自分のマナー知識・能力を試すのに適したレベルです。 筆記試験 50問 60分 5,000円
2級 エアライン業界やホテル業界、ブランドビジネスを初めとした質の高い接客サービスが求められる分野での接客サービスマナー能力の基本が求められるレベルです。 様々なお客様に対しても基本的に納得していただける能力が身に付いているかどうかが問われるレベルです。 筆記試験 50問 60分 7,000円
準1級 ワンランク上のサービスを求めるお客様への対応が十分にでき接客サービスマナーの能力を知識だけでなく行動できるレベルです。一次試験合格者に対しては二次の実技試験の際に、実際にどのような行動をとることができるかを面接形式で問われます。 筆記試験


65問 80分 9,000円
1級 接客サービスのプロとして経営の立場からも考えることができ、知識・行動どもにお客様に満足していただけるレベルです。筆記試験は準1級と同じですが合格ラインが異なります。一次試験合格者に対しては二次の実技試験の際に、実際にクレーム対応等でどのような行動を取ることができるのかをロールプレイング形式で問われます。 筆記試験


65問 80分 12,000円