About Japan Taxi Service

The service of Japan is so wonderful
Driver’s hand guard so as not to hit the head against the ceiling.  In rainy day , the driver will serve an umbrella to customer gets off the taxi.

Various taxi services in Japan

Japan’s service is one of the things that is proud of the world. Taxi service is one of them.
From a heartfelt service to a unique one,
We would like to know overseas people about various services from the customer’s point of view.
We will introduce some of them here.

◆ Tourist Taxi

  1. Even those unfamiliar with tourist spots can relocate to their destination with confidence.
  2. Courses are divided according to usage time, customization in time is possible. (From sightseeing which can take for a short time, sightseeing which take a long time to be able to be done.)
  3. If you make a reservation in advance, Tokyo Tourism Certified Driver will take you the best sightseeing spots suitable for the season.
  4. A minivan type that can accommodate 5 to 6 people can be used at the same price as the sedan type.
    There is also a limousine type that can ride for 9 people.
    ※ There is one taxi company , a driver who passing the “Tokyo City Guide Test” passed is in charge of service. (Tokyo City Guide Guide: conducted by the Tokyo Tourism Foundation)
  5. Guide in English is also possible (It is safe for tourists from overseas)
  6. Suites Taxi: Services limited to sweets. (which will go around famous sweets stores)

◆ Flat rate Taxi to Airport

  1. Fee is fixed regardless of traffic jam or driving course.
  2. You can choose the car model.
  3. Online reservation possible.
  4. It can also be used for late-night or early morning hours. (22: 00-5: 5: 00) (extra fare)
  5. 10% discount for people with disabilities.
  6. Even if the child makes a noise, you don’t need to care for people around you.
  7. Even those unfamiliar with airports and destinations can move safely.

◆ Children pick-up Support

  1. The driver safely transfers the children to cram school, lessons, and parents’ house.
  2. Regular transportation is available.
  3. Not only from school to home but also from school childcare or cram school transport the child to home.
  4. At the time of pick-up completion, they will report to the client by phone.
  5. The elite crew in charge of the child will be picked up as a crew member of usual face familiarity, so they can relax to ride taxi only child alone.
  6. Payment will be sent at a later date so you do not have to bring cash to children.

◆ Taxi for Pregnant women

  1. When you go out before and after giving birth, you can preferentially use without directions.
  2. There is a dedicated dial, it will correspond 24 hours a day, 365 days.
  3. The use at the time of labor pains can be used with confidence because it is after-payment.
  4. There are taxi companies that all drivers took the ordinary life-saving course carried out by the Tokyo Fire Department and
    they received a certificate of completion and also the company doing a transfer course at labor for pregnant women.
  5. In preparation for emergency such as a pregnant woman water breaking, the vehicle is equipped with a waterproof sheet.
  6. It carries out sterilization and deodorization inside the car and has prepared an environment that allows even a little comfortable stay to pregnant women who are sensitive to odor.

◆ To hospital pick up and transfer Support

  1. Hospitals’ pick-up support service, which is convenient for express visits to hospitals and for safely transferring elderly people with difficult mobility.
  2. A hospitality high driver who finished nursing care staff first-person training and lifesaving course will pick you up.
  3. If you make a reservation in advance, there are attendant support such as substitution of hospital reception and waiting during medical treatment.
  4. By contacting the hospital name in advance at the time of reservation, they will pick you up safely from your home to the hospital without directions.
  5. There is also electric lift car for wheelchair people

◆ Services related to nursing care etc

They have various kinds of vehicles

  1. Wheelchair correspondence: Can ride while riding on wheelchair.
  2. Stretcher compliant: Driver and assistant who are qualified for patient care qualifications and nursing staff first-class training can safely transport from bed to bed.
  3. Life general response: They will assist every outing, from attending assistance to hospitals and banks, shopping , walking , acquaintance visits.
  4. Some vehicles are easy to change from wheelchair
  5. Security vehicle will express you. In case of injury or sickness / when I want you to help me turn over / when I fell down on the road / when you are worried about suspicious noise outside / when I fell out of the wheelchair / I got stuck in the toilet.
  6. By pulling the strap of the emergency buzzer switch of the mobile terminal, an emergency call is sent at any time, either from home or on the go, and the nearest guarded vehicle will rush in emergency to you with the GPS position information.

◆ Wandering / Lost Child Search Service

1. It will explore wandering elderly and lost children.
2. By wearing a GPS terminal, if there is a request from a family member, the command center confirm their location , the guard vehicle will rush and protect them.
3. Their families ride in a taxi to explor them with a driver or you can only request location information.

◆ Security

  1. It has its own security system, it monitors crime prevention and fire in each room, equipment abnormality monitoring such as leakage, abnormality monitoring of common facilities, and also supports emergency call from residents.
  2. The personnel who qualified home helpers can rush there as need.

◆ Other Services

  1. In case of visiting several customers like in Year End and New Year , you can A charter taxi that can be chartered on a time basis.
  2. It is possible to extend chartering, in case of exceeding the operation time, it will be an additional charge of 2,110 yen every 30 minutes.
  3. The driver brings the luggage to the first floor entrance.
  4. Foreign language correspondence (bilingual taxi): It will correspond to plural languages ​​such as English · Korean
  5. High grade service: As regular transportation, luxury cars can be used for commuting etc.
  6. They will dispatch an exclusive driver that can provide the highest quality hospitality.
  7. A service that carries a carrier for mounting a bicycle behind a taxi and carries a user’s bicycle.
  8. A minivan taxi can be used at the same price as the sedan. The maximum number of riding capacity is seven (including crew).
  9. There are also taxi companies that offer a 10% discount for those aged over 70.
  10. Application correspondence: No explanation of boarding location is required, they will notify you of arrival and pick up fee is unnecessary.
  11. Student-only service: round trip price for 18 days , fare does not change no matter how much you ride for a specific section.
  12. When you can not ride a car with drinking etc, they will take the car on behalf of you.
  13. Various cards: Postpaid cards that can be settled from the designated account at once by monthly use. / Security is also secure with online system.  / This card can also be used with partner taxi company. / Prepaid card (3,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 10,000 yen) / Coupon ticket that can be used as well as cash voucher (There are 2 types of 500 yen ticket and 1000 yen ticket, fishing is refunded in cash)
  14. Put the cheap sweets in the car, the user can freely eat.
  15. While you are in a taxi you can enjoy karaoke.
  16. Open car taxi
  17. Special Vehicle: Golden Taxi (In praying for traffic safety at temple for this car. They issue a commemorative “ride certificate” that prayed for “good fulfillment” at temple will be issued. Because of can not make a reservation except for celebrations and weddings, it is fun luck when you get on.)
  18. Baseball team’s uniform design vehicle

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