Helmet LED

حفظ ایمنی با  چراغهای  روی کلاه موتور سواری ساخت شرکت ژاپنی جپتک بی سیم و را حت جهت نصب

It’s an Innovation in 2015 year .

Why we start on this project ?

As we also driving by motorcycle at night , it was very hard to check bikes and rider height in dark road and Big cities with Traffic Jam.

When you want to pass from traffic and driving insert or weave driving ,accident close to you .

So we thinking Led on Helmet that can show you from side angle too .

It’s working wire less and have some function as :


1-Stop Lighting.

2-Turn Lighting.

3-Hazard lighting.

4-Water Proof :IP63

5-Easy to setup.



8-Power supply : 5V

9-Receiving products

10-Weight :(OZ/g)1.4oz/39g

11-Battery Capacity:110±50mAh

12-Size(mm): 47×44×16.5

13-Current Peak Main Unit: 63mA

14-TX Range  50′ ±10’/ 15m ±3m

15-Standby Current: 0.19mA

16-Maximum Operating Voltage (Input) 12V

17-Total Product weight (OZ/g): 2.8oz/78.g

18-Current Peak Sub unit: 39mA

19-package Size  (mm) 380×45.5×23

20-Led Quantity:10 pcs

21-Simple Design and easy to set on your Helmet.

22-It possible to use for two Helmet ( passenger).

It’s possible to make it for your market OEM too .

Please contact us if you need order as OEM with Original Logo and Package .


Helmet -Led


仕様書: 受信機

TX 周波数 433MHZ

充電ボルト 5V

重量(OZ/g) 1.4oz/39g

電池容量 110±50mAh

サイズ(mm): 47×44×16.5

電流ピーク 63mA

TX 範囲 50′ ±10’/ 15m ±3m

待機電流 0.19mA

最大作動電圧(Input) 12V

重量 (OZ/g) 2.8oz/78.g

電流ピーク 39mA

サイズ (mm) 380×45.5×23

防水 :IP63

  • ワイヤレス機能(トランスミッターはオートバイ側に搭載)
  • 取り付け簡単
  • シンプルなデザイン
  • 10個の明るい LED搭載 ブレーキとウインカーの表示
  • 充電式バッテリー
  • 最大2つのヘルメット使用可能