Halal Dis Infection




Characteristic of Sterilization power


Suppression of infection spread of avian influenza, MERS, etc.

In airport using Our Disinfection power transpiration system “(weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water) Evidence and proven by proven track record New proposal in the world of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water.

Environmental factors

Norovirus, avian influenza, foot and mouth disease · · ·
The damage caused by the viral infection is increasing year by year.
Damage is often expanded to a large scale, and inflow of virus from overseas also
There is not much less.
As a preventive measure, many measures are taken

>>The decisive means that can be prevented at the water's edge.
>>There are present conditions that do not exist yet.

January 2014                             
More than 950 primary school 14
Down with diarrhea · vomiting!
Suspect of collective Noro virus!    
January 2014 
Noro virus infection Over 100 people. Kyoto City.

January 2014
Avian influenza in China
Death from infection.

January 2014
Avian influenza in Korea
Expansion of more than 1.5 million birds.

Norovirus, sometimes known as winter vomiting bug in the UK, is the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans. It affects people of all ages. The virus is transmitted by fecal contaminated food or water, by person-to-person contact, and via aerosolization of vomited virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces.The annual number of diarrhea-associated events in outpatients is estimated at 7.7 million in industrialized countries, with 0.5 million hospitalizations, and 9.0 million hospitalizations in developing countries, with nearly 2 million deaths.

Norovirus infection is characterized by nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, and in some cases, loss of taste. A person usually develops symptoms of gastroenteritis 12 to 48 hours after being exposed to norovirus.General lethargy, weakness, muscle aches, headaches, and low-grade fevers may occur. The disease is usually self-limiting, and severe illness is rare. Although having norovirus can be unpleasant, it is not usually dangerous and most who contract it make a full recovery within two to three days. On surfaces, norovirus is rapidly inactivated by either sufficient heating or by chlorine-based disinfectants and polyquaternary amines, but the virus is less susceptible to alcohols and detergents.

After infection, immunity to norovirus is usually incomplete and temporary,with one publication drawing the conclusion that protective immunity to the same strain of norovirus lasts for six months, but that all such immunity is gone after two years. Outbreaks of norovirus infection often occur in closed or semiclosed communities, such as long-term care facilities, overnight camps, hospitals, schools, prisons, clubs, dormitories, and cruise ships, where the infection spreads very rapidly either by person-to-person transmission or through contaminated food. Many norovirus outbreaks have been traced to food that was handled by one infected person.

The genus name Norovirus is derived from Norwalk virus, the only species of the genus. The species causes approximately 90% of epidemic nonbacterial outbreaks of gastroenteritis around the world, and may be responsible for 50% of all foodborne outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the United States.(By Wikipedia)

  • Keyword
    ①Sterilization by HOCL
    ②A big difference with other companies

PH of HOCL and stable content secured
③Successful production of high concentration

stock solution
④Successful production of high concentration

stock solution Can be gasified and sprayed

Patent acquisition
⑤How to generate HOCL :

There is a mixed generation method of dilute

sulfuric acid + sodium hypocrite and electrolysis

method of electrolyzing hydrochloric acid and saline

⑥The content of the electrolysis method is not

stable.  In the mixed production method, the

content can be controlled.
⑦The difference from other mixed generation

methods is possible to generate

high concentration maximum 8000 ppm.

Patent acquisition
It is controlled by two sensors of PH

(hydrogen ion content) and concentration.

There are only PH sensors in other equipment.
⑧ There is a document to prove the analysis and

results for each sterilization experiment and

a written opinion of an expert opinion.

⑨Sterilization Power is a mixed generation system of

dilute hydrochloric acid and Sodium


3,000 PPM  10ℓ

It can produce 500 ℓ at 60 ppm dilution.

It is possible to reduce the transportation cost

by exporting it at high concentration and

diluting it locally.

Best Halal -Quality-Japanese-Dis infection

⑩But consumption deadline of

3000 ppm is 1 month. 60 ppm is

3 ~ 6 months. It is necessary to dilute early.

Safety of Sterilization power

①There is no influence on the human body.

Conventionally, sodium hypocrite has been

used as a baby bottle or an incubator that need

high safety.

It is harmless and free from care of hands.

②It is slightly acidic and close to human skin

components. It is absorbed when swallowed

through the esophagus.

Stomach acid is a more strong strong acid.
③It does not cause environmental pollution.

There is no need for pretreatment  for discharge.

④You can be used for hygiene control of kitchen etc.

Application of Sterilization power

-Hygiene management of public facilities

(hospital・theater・in the factory)

-Hygiene control of ambulance carrier equipment

-Cleaning food and cooking utensils

-Disinfection of toys

-Disinfection / deodorization of the toilet

-Disinfection / deodorization of hotel rooms and


-Disinfection / deodorization of public transportation vehicles (pick-up car etc.) and equipment

-General household sanitation management

-Hygiene management of farms and poultry farms.

A big feature of Sterilization Power

-It is unnecessary to manage each of a plurality of

chemicals according to the object of sterilization /

deodorization, and as a result, the operation cost can

be reduced.

-The following sterilization can be done at high level

with Steli power.

Special-No1 Halal-Disinfection

※Glutaral (Glutaraldehyde)

Disinfection targets are wide,

but they are harmful to the

human body and can not be used.

※Sterilization power is harmless to the

human body.

 Our Halal Dis infection  ‘Gas’(Gasification of hypo chlorous acid) Proposal for Sterilization・Deodorization・Infection prevention System
world`s first proposal  hypo chlorous acid water which has shown its effect by tests and sales results


About Our Business:

Our Halal Dis infection (weak-acidic hypo chlorous acid water )

Sterilizer-power Water
*Low concentration
*High concentration
Steri-power 3000ppm
5 L・10 L・20 L

World halal dis infection -JAPTEC
Sterilization and deodorization effects
in a small space
by using the Ultrasonic
It comes in various sizes.


‘Mixture’ which dilutes the
high concentration Sterile-power automatically.( PAT.NO.4559769)
3000 l ppm Sterilizer-power is diluted by fifty to one through ‘Mixture’ installed on the faucet. Much cheaper way of using Sterile-power water.

Halal-Tab - Mixture

Air purifier by using
Sterilize-power water.
Sterilization, deodorization,
and infection prevention
effects by Sterilizer-power
water penetrating its filter

HALAL- Air Purifier

More Information about our The world's best anti-solvent and antiseptic.

JAPTEC Sanitizing Power evaporation system “is the first in the world What is Our Sterilizer Power? The sodium hypochlorite solution

➀which has been used anywhere in the past, is the main cause of sterilization and deodorizing power As hypochlorous acid

➁ Is contained only 20% of chlorine concentration, it has a disinfecting and deodorizing effect for the chlorine concentration It is known to be low.Sterilizer Power

③ Can make a pH of sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution weakly acidic,Increasing the content of hypochlorous acid

④Even in the same chlorine concentration, in areas of high disinfection and deodorizing effect It is a weakly acidic sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution.By making it weakly acidic, disinfection and deodorizing power and deodorizing power are dramatically improved, and there is sufficient effect at low concentration.In addition, by making it weakly acidic as human skin, safety is greatly improved.

Our Evaporation technology of hypochlorous acid in weakly acidic condition.


1.  Sterilization of large-scale space

2. Deodorize

3. Infection prevention

It does not change the environment We make it possible to do.

 It has not had it before! It sterilizes bacteria and virus floating in the space,A low-cost system that sterilizes bacteria and viruses attached to the surface.

To sell hygiene systems and deodorization systems using weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water We constantly are running at the cutting edge.This time, the world’s first transpiration system of weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water “Sterilization power transpiration cisTem “was developed.This Sterilizing Power transpiration system sterilizes, deodorizes, and deodorizes the space as it is in the state of gas It is a revolutionary system.It is also possible to eradicate and deodorize large spaces, which makes it difficult to do so far,Proposals to commercial facilities, hospitals, airports etc. were also made possible. Objective: Space eradication of virus to be brought in when entering from abroad.

At the border of the virus brought in from overseas The most effective preventive measure

Prevent infection at the border of viruses brought in by foreign travelers To do.The biggest feature of the Sterilize Power transpiration system, in large spaces Disinfection and deodorization made it possible to prevent infection at the airport.

در دنیا بهترین ضد و عفونی کننده حلال
در دنیا بهترین ضد و عفونی کننده حلال
در دنیا بهترین ضد و عفونی کننده حلال

Classification of Sterilize-power by using High concentration Sterilize-power water.
Sterilization, deodorization, and infection prevention effects in a large space by using Gas injection system which patent is pending.
And no changes of temperature and humidity in the space through this new Gas injection system.


Gas injection system
Sterilize-power Water
*Low concentration
50 ppm~300 ppm
*High concentration
Sterilize-power 3000 ppm
5 L・10 L・20 L
Sterilization and deodorization effects
in a small space
by using the Ultrasonic
Humidifier(EST-0330 HB)
It comes in various sizes.
‘Mixture’ which dilutes the
high concentration Sterilize-power automatically.
3000 l ppm Sterilize-power is diluted by fifty to one through ‘Mixture’ installed on the faucet. Much cheaper way of using Sterilize-power water.
Air purifier by using
Sterilize-power water.
Sterilization, deodorization,
and infection prevention
effects by Sterilize-power
water penetrating its filter


Hala-Disinfection-in-Food Factory

Example of usage in food factory

Sterilization and deodorization of whitewater in paper mills (PAT.NO.5231804)



Sludge reduction by  Bio-master

(PAT.NO.4523989)and two others

The pH adjustment system Which changes sodium hypo-chlorite solution
to weak acid types.Total sanitary control is possible by using

this generation device.

Sterilizer-power Generation Device


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