Cold Forming Metal


Avaliable to produce Cold Forging Parts for your company .

If you have any Quality Problem or Drawing , Engineering !

Among cold forged parts, we are particular about product precision, we produce inner ring of track polishing-less, sun gear with crowning, high precision pinion shaft and so on.
We are responding to the demands for higher added value and higher functionality with strengths of environmentally friendly net shape technology.

OUR CF Division  ( Cold Forming )

We Make 30% of the world’s Automotive inner CV joints.Yes please when you drive with American Car or Japanese Car ! we are working in you Car Heart …

But no body don’t think about Car parts when driving ,Originally best parts maker assembly make a perfect Brand Car .

Do you know some of Ferrari Parts Also make in JAPAN .

RH Division:

We Make 60% of the Hands-Operated cranes in JAPAN .

Seamlessly integrating human hands with technology

Our RR Hand device allows anyone to transport heavy objects with ease, resulting in work environments that are safe.comfortable, and stress-free.

Consultation on work site challenges »On-Site Review»Optimum plan Proposed»Attachments Designed with CATIA »Manufacturing»Delivery and Installation»RR Hands Maintenance Check»Reliable after-sales service.

①Design②Laser Processing③Painting④Assembly⑤Inspection⑥After-Sales Service.