AP Division  ( Aero Precision)

In Our Group Make 25% of the World’s Machined impellers .

Modern Industry demands simultaneous 5-Axis Machining technology.

You can find in JAPTEC Group one of the world’s Most Sought-After Manufacturers of the structural Aerospace components, engine parts and impellers that require this sophisticated technology.

Japtec-Rocket component

We Produce products that demand cutting-edge technological Expertise,Inducing air-frame and engine components ,Rocket engine Parts,impellers,and blisk,Rib.


Design » Processing Planning » Jig Design » NC Programming » Processing » Inspection

With 5-Axis Machining specialists with over than 39 years experience and use CATIA industry could creative  as well as  complex  parts and components .

♦Integrated systems for more sophisticated production

We take design data and process it using CATIA and similar system to create 3D models and execute parts programming.

The result NC data is then run through Our G-Navi simulation software(Developed in house) to check product formation and machine interference.

The Optimum cutting tools are then manufactured to Machine the part using our simultaneous 5-Axis NC processing technology.

♦A Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine Center for Reliable processing technology

Our Multifaceted simultaneous 5-Axis machining center allows us to manufacture an extensive array of complex components.

Our clients demand both small-batch and mass production depending on the specific part, and one of our key strengths is the ability to confidently meet those demands with our in-House Technology .

We Also take the Professional development of our engineers seriously , and are working hard to continually improve and standardize their exceptional skills.

♦Powerful Quality Assurance Programs developed

Our Quality assurance programs feature automated measurement, making us highly skilled in technologies that guarantee a fixed level of quality.

We have quality assurance system in place for our aircraft components as well as extensive measurement and inspection equipment on hand for our precision impellers.

We maintain world-Class quality standards base on the JIS Q 9100 and ISO/TS 16949 Certifications,which we obtained in 2009.


In our MS Division ( Manufacturing solutions)

We are Japan’s leading provider CATIA support Technology and make 30% of Japan’s simulation applications for materials removal and machining .

System Configuration » Using CAD/CAM » Software Development » Data Management

■PLM Solution

■System Development

■CAM-Related package Software

■Technical Support